Drink Responsibly

Our Responsibility Statement

The Rebel Spirits Group, LLC, dba ZIM’s Vodka, is the importer of their own ultra premium spirits from Poland and are extremely proud of their personnel, partners, brands, products and the go-to-market sales and marketing strategies they employ.

Spirits have been enjoyed globally for many centuries. As part of this industry, TRSG has the highest sense of responsibility and respect for the global communities that we serve and the individual consumers who experience and enjoy our products. We believe in being responsible in everything we do, including marketing.
There are a number of leading industry associations who have established many social responsibility policies specifically written for the spirits industry, and we agree with and comply with their guidelines.

TRSG disapproves and does not condone excessive alcohol consumption and we have a zero tolerance for underage drinking, period. We are very conscious and concerned about the negative effects that alcohol abuse can have on the spirits industry as a whole, as well as on the communities we live in.

TRSG is committed to legal and safe consumption of our products. We believe in the message to our consumers to ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY.



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